Links to some of my work online (if you would like a copy of anything behind a paywall, please get in touch):


“Hegel on Architecture, Poetry, and the Sociality of Perception” (forthcoming in a collection edited by Lydia Moland for Revue International de Philosophie) Draft here

“Boredom as a Propositional Attitude: Reading Alberto Moravia with Hegel” (forthcoming 2023 in Fictional Worlds and the Political Imagination, ed. Garry Hagberg) Draft here

“Greek Tragedy and Self-Authorship in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit” in Hegel’s Political Aesthetics  (2020)


Review of Hegel’s Concept of Life by Karen Ng (Hegel Bulletin 2022; SGIR Review 2021)

Review of Schelling’s Philosophy: Freedom, Nature, and Systematicity (Hegel-studien, 2021)

Review of Creolizing Hegel ed. Michael Monahan in Peace Review (2017)


“The Pleasure of Disaster” in The Point Magazine (2020)

“Animal Magnetism” in The Point Magazine (2019)

Review of I Love Dick by Chris Kraus in The Point Magazine (2017)